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Rubbish Art

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Went a walk along the beach a couple of Sunday mornings back, always a bit depressing all the rubbish that has washed up, sometimes gather it up and burn it but came up with another idea for it- make sculptures! Went back with a hammer and a pocket full of nails the next week...................






People seem to enjoy it as there is signs of people having been there for a look even though it is a fairly remote place, a few things been added since.


It's definitely a gentleman as can be seen by the strategically placed fire extinguisher nozzle! ;)


Probably do some more in the future, never know it may catch on and they may start popping up all over the place. :laugh:

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I had never welded but always wanted to learn so took the plunge and bought a welder, taught myself how to weld sticking scrap metal together into various prehistoric beasts. Here is one of the more useful ones i made years ago- a boot brush for the front door.





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That's lovely!

Thanks Skycat. That's a nice looking dog on your Avatar picture. I used to have deer hound Colly lurcher looked very similar, best dog i ever had smart & fast.

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Playing with the plasma cutter, cut this mackerel from the side panel of an old washing machine.









that is cool!! Guess what I'm doing tonight lol our lass probably won't notice the washers got a fish shaped hole in it lol
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