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Cheers for the comments, he is just a small lurcher I my eyes. Mainly whippet touch of grew and collie further back. In the flesh he is a bit slighter than the photos look and their is more than a hint of saluki about him. To the best of my knowledge their isn't any in the line but who knows. I just liked the parents new a bit about them and they did the job I want of him which is just mooching rabbit dog really atb never really been one for worrying too much about what's in them as long as they have the drive and physique. Went with mainly whippet loos to get the size I was after hopefully make about 22tts. He is about 17-18 tts at 5 month be interesting to here what other think he will make a well cheers

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I will apologize in advance for the amount of photo's i put up of the pup as he grows, but the fact that i have waited so long for a running dog might help explain. I have spent most of the adult life

Hi matt,.congrats on your new pup..   You have him at a good time,...just let the tyke enjoy a warm summer on his back.. Get him 'out and about' and allow him to experience everything ,..and I do m

Couple of recent ones of the pup roughly 5 month old, he is just started to switch on to what the others are up to on daily mooches and has started to follow the terrier a little more and not just to

Flacko she was flying last season but had an infection after her 2nd season which meant I had to get her spayed (gutted) which obviously knocked her about a bit. She has alot of drive sometimes a little too much for her own good. My old man who has kept terriers all his life and nowadays has a little bushing pack is constantly borrowing her if Iam working so she obviously has some talent did you ever get hold of a pup atb.image_zpscfnlak5h.jpg

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Yes I did Matt but when I got her a pal of mine lost his old bitch so I passed her on but now due to some sad news on his circumstances I've got her back so I look forward to bringing her on this season she's a bit of a character and we will keep her round our little bushing pack atb Flacko

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Gangly little fella is starting to slowly show a bit of interest when mooching in between a ragging the other dogs. Seems to have a bit of pace about him already but absolutely no brakes or control which can be a bit hair raising at times. His coat is actually quiet thick and fairly long across his back which Iam pleased about as hopefully will offer a bit of protection come the winter months. Likeable fella so far and settled in well within the pack, haven't done a lot of training with him in truth just out slowly covering the miles nice and steady socialising and stock breaking. Will do more as he matures but in truth he (so far) seems keen to please and on the same wave length which I have found tends to help atb Matt

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Couple of recent ones of the pup roughly 5 month old, he is just started to switch on to what the others are up to on daily mooches and has started to follow the terrier a little more and not just to annoy her with chases. He actually seems pretty bright and is seemingly taking up good position outside of the cover the terrier works. Caught a young blackbird the other day when out in the woods and I can really start to see the change and him showing an interest in basically anything small he thinks he can chase.


He has been a real pleasure to own to be honest and excluding a chewed skirting board in the utility room, hasn't caused any real hassle. really looking forward to getting him out come the winter months over my uncles farm and seeing how he develops. It was a tough decision and most people I know said I would be crazy to get a fourth dog, but touch wood despite a busy job and family, I have found the time needed. My dogs are my relaxation really, as they are for many I guess and it is never a chore to wander around with them for a few hours of an evening or morning.


Havent really done any formal training with him to be honest, other than basic manners and recall, I did this purposefully after reading some interesting points of view about raising and bringing on pups on THL, from experience and other sources. I have taken a more laid back approach and concentrated on just socialising him and letting him develop. I have to say I think it has worked to date and it has been more enjoyable raising him than my first couple of pups, which in hindsight I think I was overly controlling with and spent to long on the standard sit, stay etc which obviously has its place, but getting the pup on side and wanting to interact is imo nowadays more important. ATB Matt.

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Just an update, been away for couple of weeks on hols so my old man has had the pup and terrier for me. My old man has a seasoned lurcher so was a good opportunity to watch and learn abit as my dad does a fair bit of day time mooching about. The pup has been slowly switching on over the past month or so watching the others doing abit. He has grown an inch whilst I have been away, a bit on the scrawny side at the minute as he grows upwards but sure he will fill out when fully grown. Really lookin forward to gettin him out in the winter months.

He is coming upto 6month old now and it's obviously very early days, I have grown up with running dogs and to me he seems a bright little fella with a good bit of drive already. It was nice to have my old mans more experienced eyes on him for a few weeks whilst I was away and pleased to say he was very complimentary about the little fella for his age, which I was a bit shocked about in truth as I turned down an offer of a very good pup my dad had sorted me a while back for this particular pup.


Bit of a pointless video but will get some better as he matures and starts to do a bit. But hopefully shows some promise in that he is starting to switch onto the terriers work, hopefully they will be useful team in few seasons. Ignore the glory hunting schnauzer and oap bouvier atb

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Pup shaping up nicely now at about 19tts and13kg at 5 and half months. He has certainly switched on over the last few weeks and has a knack for catching blackbirds in the woods of late having progressed from acrobatics on moths. Very chilled out pup in the main and I forgot how relaxed most sighthounds blooded dogs are having grown up with them a while ago now. His recall is still very good which is pleasing, I know its early days but he seems very eager to please. My other dogs have taken to him which makes matters easier as they all sleep together in the utility. Even the older bouvier seems to have a soft spot for him, which is saying something as she generally has a select few she tolerates. Haven't had him out over my uncle farm as yet but will probably let him tag along come the start of the season and just let him mooch about, he is still a pup but he seems to have quite a focused head on his shoulders when out and about where their is any scent at least. My partner and kids have never had a running dog before and where very much of the opinion they were frail gangly strange looking dogs, safe to say he has wom them over and he is very much the go to dog for lap dog duties. Might need a bigger boot though if he gets much bigger lol



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When you say you haven't done any training other than recall, does that really mean nothing? Have you done retrieving? Etc?

I have found with the pup I have now that the more I have tried the obedience it's like she becomes fed up and stops listening. Her recall is spot on. And she will retrieve after having a rag or play with the object. But this approach is interesting as I think mine would probably benefit of I perhaps tried letting her be herself a bit more.

She's pretty good listener and just wants to be around me and play but gets bored of the whole sit,down, stay buisness and seems a bit counterproductive sometimes?

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