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Sub 12Ft Lb/ 100 Yrds

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12 ft lb air rifle, 100 yards? Lol.......

I Dont see anything funny here :) I hope you okay !!!

Probably enough energy to blind somebody and that's just something to be aware of for safety reasons of course. At that range however, a 12 ft lb air rifle would have no practical use, that's all, no offence meant fella.



Oh now you seems Okay :p just kidding !! Anyway thanks alot. when it comes to technical part of air rifles im very bad so im just trying to learn something from you guys :) BTW sorry for my very bad english -.-' have a nice day !

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5.4 FT/LB at 100 yards with AA fields running at 11.5 FT/LB , best thing is to down load chairgun , but I don't know why you need to find out at a 100 yards :hmm:


Thank you ! i already said why : CURIOUSITY


You know what curiosity did don't you? It killed the cat. Your not trying to shoot cats at 100yds are you?





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You'd have enough power to dent a can, but not enough to smash a bottle :laugh:


Fatal for the can then? :laugh:
Is the can/bottle full or empty?

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Sub 12ft only good for fox at 100 yards wouldn't even consider a deer any further than 70 yards
















Not serious

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