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Posh X Bulldozer Mating

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Im lining posh to bulldozer next week any lads that want a pup inbox me will massage back and put the massages in order cheers

The pups will go to lads that will work them the last mating with bulldozer had some decent dogs that came from it you are right that the pups need to be brought on right you get out what you put in b

Why breed her again if she's had 3 or 4 litters?

Is it a repeat mating ? How's the pups from the first litter getting on I've heard there's a good one in brum won a comp last year If im correct ?

Posh son won battle of the dogs....same mother different sires....posh is producing the goods....I'm on 1 of these pups like a tramp on chips lol

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i should think a lining has good has this be will have plenty of takers but i would place the pups were they will get the graft and education needed to do such a lining justice im not saying they wont get there chance with there owners and hopefully some will keep us updated on there progress

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