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Fox Killed A Cat

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There there, the kill one if the got the right chance, i think. A farmer, where i hunt told me last season that the Foxes had killed the cat's, kittens in the year before,

the old tom cat gives them a good scrap, fox got to be really hungry to take on big old tom :yes:

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When I was about 10 I helped my father get a fox that was in a neighbours back garden under a shed , anyway moved the shed a found loads of dead cats remains .My father reckons that old foxy must've have had a taste for them because there was a lot there .

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They will take anything they can, like badgers and otters will, townies need to wake up and smell the bull shit they are being fed by do-Gooder's, how many people have lost cats and blamed the local lurcher lads, wrongly most of the time, bull shit fuelled by the RSPCA drama queens,

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Years ago went to dig a litter of fox cubs for a farmer. When we got there there was remains of a good number of cats to many to be road kills.


Maybe the fox was partial to a bit of PUSSY.
The demise of many a hunter,the power of the pussy should never be under estimated
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