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Bavarian Mountain Hounds

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Thats the same with everything on here ,lot of people do stuff thou and don't advertise it

Hi. I have 8 pups after pedigree parents. Full documentation . Certification, kennel registry. Delivery to your home. Mother is our beloved home dog and she is hunting actively on wild boars etc. 8 ma

I won't be giving them away to idiots. £500 is ok price if I have more than one person interested it is not an issue to bring them in to UK. We have 8 pups so that's too many to keep at home for lifet

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a friend of mine uses one of these to track deer and he couldn't speak more highly of them and he has had a few different breeds for the job good luck with the sale :thumbs:

thank you. Much appreciated comment. Indeed my dad also is so proud and happy with her, he could talk for hours how good she is
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i had 2 brothers there harder work than a lab or spaniel there a head strong dog once they pick up a scent there in no calling back lol i had one same colour as pics and a slighter light red dog.nice breed but totaly different to normal gun dogs!!!

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any hunting dog should work wild boar either baying or.......



You seen a lot of them? Amazing how much folk talk about them on here, and a lot of the time I do wonder if they have ever actually seen / hunted them. . . . .


Edited to add - If I didn't have a full kennels, and the litter turned out to be what was said, i'd seriously consider giving one a try. Do they have a decent voice?


a lad I know hunts a lot more then you have ever done and he has used various breeds to hunt boar so I will pass what he says.


Then baying dogs are not really what i'm in to tbh.



Not a lad you know on the internet by any chance lol.


I'm only messing with you mate.


And remember I don't do any hunting me, i'm not 'ard enough. But I think it might be just a tad 'machoistic' to suggest that 'any hunting dog should work wild boar'. I'm also sure there are plenty of hound packs in the country who might disagree lol.

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