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Nots so bad lad

decoying crows

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:D Hello chaps i am getting my shot gun certificate next week and my heads ticking over on what to have a go at one farm i shoot is full of them black things i have got lucky now and then with the air rifle but can not get near enough because i am in wide open fields with dry stone walls they move around like a black plague i have read allsort on here about decoying them what is the best thing to do get a caller and try that or some decoys or both . Also been lamping rabbits with air rifle thinking about shot gunning them is it worth a try or will it spook em all off also will it blow them to bits differant cartridges for em do i need i am new to shot guns had about 9 lessons so lots to learn any advice would be great thanks fellas :angel:

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Guest jason1888

nest thing to do about the rabbits is get yourself 2 working ferrets and use them to bolt the rabbits from thr burrows and shoot them with a 7 1/2 28grm cartridge thats what me and my bro use good luck with the crows :thumbs:

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Had some real good days on the 'blackies' with the shotgun. I use some full bodied deeks and a crow call.

You need a better hide than with pigeon, better eyes and bloody suspicious!

Good ploy is when you have shot your first to peg it out, wings spread out beak in the ground. The new arrivals, when you call, get curious and some great shooting can be had just add more 'dead' birds as with pigeon.

Best day I have had is around 30!

Good luck let me know how it goes.

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