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Bit Of Advice Please

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Buy a box of 50 of each, go down a range, field etc. And shoot at Captain Cardboard and his army of paper targets in groups of 5-10.


Mark each target with the make of round and then measure each grouping.


The tightest, most consistent round is the best one.


I'm not telling you this to be awkward, but because each rifle, even of the same make, will favour different ammo. The key to this is to make sure conditions are the same. E.g always do 5 rounds groups, fire all rounds on the same day (heat, humitidy and wind all affect a round, some more than others), same distance, etc.


One thing I will say, is dont worry about where the shot is landing, that comes later. Aslong as you are hitting the target and always aiming centre, this will give you a true reading of what ammo is favoured in your rifle.


Good luck!

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With a 10/22 you will also find out which brand of ammo cycles well, some do better than others in a semi-auto.

having done considerable testing I settled on Eley and SK/Lapula subs.for mine.



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Mine likes rws and eley subs mine wouldn't cycle Winchester subs at all . Don't forget 10/22s are very easy to strip so if you bought it second hand take it apart and polish everything up there are loads of after market bits for it and a little bit of tweaking can really improve the action

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Just remember to keep it clean, not necessarily the barrel but the chamber and bolt face soon get gummed up with powder residue and lube off the bullets causing cycling issues. With my 10/22 I use an old rotary toothbrush to get up through the magazine well to clean the front of the chamber.


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Eley subs work best in my 10/22


About cleaning I never clean mine until it starts to jam, I used to clean it religiously after each outing but I discovered I get less jams if it's not been cleaned. Strange but true...

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