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Getting Started With Canaries?

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can be as dear or cheap as you make it i made cages out of old melamine wardrobe doors my neighbour was chucking out and i got cage fronts for free of a member on here i use coffee jar lids as feeding dishes etc canaries go for about £5 each up here or if your lucky someone might give you them for free to get started :thumbs:

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I'm interested in keeping canaries for show purposes and would like to know roughly how much the start up costs might be. I know it will vary by location. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

if you want to show your better off joining your local canary club after deciding which type your gona keep, someone will keep you right, prices start at £40 - £60 a pair for good stock colour canarys if your gona show buy the best u can, as a bad one eats the same as a good one atb jeff :)

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Your goin to have people tryin con you with shit that has bin tried an tested at this time of year . Try someone you can trust has good birds and maybe buy some young from them to look forward for next year atleast you'll buy them cheaper and no bad birds . I started in the middle of a breeding season an bought only Shite as I was none the wiser . That only ate food or died . Tried an tested .with above make your own breeders and accessories . You will have to put your hand in your pocket to buy but you'll want to buy as you start seeing things at shows markets the more you get in the better you'll want. All the best delboy

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