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Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

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One of our mongrels Fenn 🐾

A proper all rounder, fur or feather,  he walks the beating line,  retrieves to a gun and he'll mark to ground.  If I could put my wishlist together I wouldn't of got any closer to this dog......

4 year old collie bull greyhound 

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3 hours ago, Daniel cain said:

😂 She is a shaggy bull X mate... 1/4 bull 1/4 Wheaton 1/2 greyhound....27 tts  32/34 kg ...from the first time I took it out, people have been telling me how it's breed 🙄 so I tell them it's an F1 beddy whippet 😂😂😂 size is from the hybrid vigour 😁👍

I payed good money for this leggy jack Russel and I bit peed off when a keeper told me it was a lurcher 😆 


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16 hours ago, longers01 said:

Love these 2 Steve and chan atb Longers01 




Longer... Is that the missus in the pics mate ? If so don't let her read that post.... Love these "2" and you only name the dogs  😂 😂 

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Cheers mate hes stood out the litter being only white one lol , he was one of the biggest pups from day one , wouldn't leave me alone think he chose me also , he's very forward strong very thick set boned 13wk old now

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