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Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

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One of our mongrels Fenn 🐾

A proper all rounder, fur or feather,  he walks the beating line,  retrieves to a gun and he'll mark to ground.  If I could put my wishlist together I wouldn't of got any closer to this dog......

My new we worker

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2 minutes ago, 3dumb said:

Thought I'd throw my bitch in the ring..

11 month old, 22 & 1/2 tts 


Nice mate ,how's she bred ? Any deerhound in her ? She still got bit growing todo by looks of her .

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21 minutes ago, Moocher71 said:

Nice mate ,how's she bred ? Any deerhound in her ? She still got bit growing todo by looks of her .

Nah, surprisingly not, she's just a leggy lil thing, haha. Shes still filling out but has hardly grown upwards for the past 2 month.

Mostly whippet and a splash of collie and grey. Always just say 6/8 whip, and 1 of either else for ease but its technically 3/16 of each the latter. 

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18 hours ago, OldPhil said:

Some gorgeous lurcher dogs on this thread...👏

Does any breed/type of canine, match the looks and demeanour, of a genuine working lurcher 🙏


Not a massive fan of a Merle patterned dog but that one’s a cracker, lovely animal, atb

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18 hours ago, Maximus Ferret said:

Mali/bull/grey, now 6 months and 23/24 tts.




Very nice, how’s its temperament? I’ve a pure Mali bitch at the same age and it’s wild but very intelligent, and I’ve a saluki bull grey dog who is very chilled, polar opposites, but she is very very hardy would run through a brick wall to get hold of someone when told.  
I could see the attributes that a Mali could bring to a lurcher. I’ll maybe end up doing the mating If she can do a few bits when older, only worry I’d have is it could add yapping a lot? 

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