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Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

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11 hours ago, OneManAndHisDog said:

What are them tracking collars like mate any good?

Rarely go out without them now mate as I find they save a lot of time f***ing around and also know exactly what the dogs are doing and where they are. Deffo good if your dog catches out of sight and your waiting for them to come back. I can tell if there still running, on there way back or if they have treed quarry. Only this week my dogs both had a catch off the same slip but we’re both in different spots where as if they never had there collars I could have been walking round looking for them. Great when your somewhere your not supposed to be. Also depends what I’m going to run and we’re as if I use them or not. If it’s just small land  and we know it we’ll locally I probably don’t bother but if it’s big land with plenty about there worth there weight in gold. 

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Go onto gps4us website mate. I’ve got the t5 mini collars with the 360 handset but think they only do 420 handset now. Quite pricey but buy once and you know they do the job straight out the box. This my fourth season with them now and no problems so far. If the range and stuff sounds like it’s ok for your land get the mini as the Normal t5 are a little bulky. A lot of people seem happy with the sport dog ones and think they are a little cheaper, but it’s down to personal preference, price and needs. Hope you get sorted you won’t regret buying. You can stand watching your dogs going then coming back or treeing quarry. Stops you walking in completely wrong direction 🤣. My dogs normally range from anything upto 1000 metres but mainly 5-600  most of the time. Atb Igz

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5 hours ago, Lurcher91 said:

Real nice looking animal dc hows she doing? Atb for the rest of the season 

She's keeping me pleased👍


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