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Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

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One of our mongrels Fenn 🐾

A proper all rounder, fur or feather,  he walks the beating line,  retrieves to a gun and he'll mark to ground.  If I could put my wishlist together I wouldn't of got any closer to this dog......

4 year old collie bull greyhound 

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24 minutes ago, Saltmoon said:

Really nice pair they are mate big dog is looking well 👍

Thanks mate. Just brought the kids camping for a few days so thought I’d pop over the road to the freshly cut fields to have a wonder. Just been plenty of road walking lately. Would like to get the bike out but no chance with these pair round my way, cats and foxes I’d end up wrapped round a lamppost 😂. Still get them doing some free running aswel. Hopefully it cools down a bit over the next few weeks and we can start the season . 

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43 minutes ago, longers01 said:

Both looking well igz hope you have some fun with them both over the season mate atb longers01 

Cheers mate, I’m sure they will keep me busy, got a bit of wind tonight by me and no moon so I may go try get the youngen on a few squatters

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2 hours ago, Black neck said:

Bad news brother still clear of it here for now and the new place far as can see but expect it'll show up at some point


2 hours ago, nothernlite said:



54 minutes ago, Moocher71 said:

I was seeing real good numbers for a change round my way in spring and it was looking hopeful for once close to home but same farms have nothing now maybe see odd one ,desease and brock as they dug into every hedge row,bank side that held a rabbit .

plenty of hares about ,always find when rabbits do bad hare numbers seem to go up .

The hares are sent to tempt you off the righteous path brother mooch 

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