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Can A Terrier Be Any Good If Its Not Line Family Or Inter Bred

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It is unfortunate we can't discuss the full working abilities of individual Terriers and what they have done, prior to being considered worthy of breeding from. Even taking the Ancestry into the equat

Gus and Sid, Gus is the smaller cobby one. He's by Sid and out of Treacle, Treacle is Floyd x Reeces Roxy, all original blood.

Nope, sorry FD she was totally unrelated and breeding unknown ! :-) When you come across an animal that impresses you so much you've got to try and bring it in. The pups from that litter are still

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Exactly my type of Terrier, especially the females, saw several like that years ago at the Kennels. At that particular time I was, In hindsight, wasting a few years of my time with the smooth Gouldy dogs I was trying at the time.......lol. Couldn't get the longevity out of them or get a breeding pair both at the same time.........could have been me expecting too much. Although, never really been much of a breeder of digging dogs, although I had enough work & time for a decent sized Yard of Terriers to go at.....lol. Hard to find a team of trust worthy, gentlemanly, like minded guys to work with too. Finally, at 50, I hope I have found my digging 'Shangra Lah'............finished my apprenticeship. Now to get a decent Yard of Terriers together.......lol.

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You've made this thred a crackin read dillydog. ;)

I totally agree, thanks Dillydog.


There have been some great threads recently on the terrier forum, thanks to those men for sharing their experience and knowledge.

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Nice Terriers DD :)


no good worker grows on a tree they are all bred, most of these workers to workers came from a good line , information on the breeding not being known can come about for a few reasons someone wasn't interested or wasn't told the breeding and also sadly there ancestors where stolen... also there is a lot of shit bred from all lines or family's, and also terriers out there with paper work which is fiction

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Guy int pub says stop arse licking (johhnymuddler)

Hardly arse licking admiring a mana stock and hard graft is it? Iv never been in position to give terriers that sort time, and I admit to being a bit jealous of anybody that has been lucky enough to. If that makes me an arse licker, then ill happily be an arse licking part time terrier man, by thls standards anyways, iv been called by worse by better lol

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Black terriers I keep nothing special but im happy with them

same as you and any others some work some dont I try and get a litter every summer

And hope there is a winning ticket amongst them as it is a lottery

Atb woods

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