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Can A Terrier Be Any Good If Its Not Line Family Or Inter Bred

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It is unfortunate we can't discuss the full working abilities of individual Terriers and what they have done, prior to being considered worthy of breeding from. Even taking the Ancestry into the equat

Gus and Sid, Gus is the smaller cobby one. He's by Sid and out of Treacle, Treacle is Floyd x Reeces Roxy, all original blood.

Nope, sorry FD she was totally unrelated and breeding unknown ! :-) When you come across an animal that impresses you so much you've got to try and bring it in. The pups from that litter are still

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No Ben not as far as I know. I'll let anyone that I think are decent lads use any dog they want "FREE OF CHARGE" It's them that's got to pick the shit up.

That wasn't a free stud add either, if I don't know you or someone I know puts you forward it's not going to happen so don't embarrass yourself asking.

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DD didn't you put a dog of yours over a bitch called wispa? Did u keep a pup an how did it turn out

yes he did, the bitch that we sent up to you for work and you then used a dog of your own on her and sold the pups. then offered the man who give you the bitch 1 of the smallest pups left, in my eyes your a c*ck and you would have had a few more sent up to you by now if you didn't do it. And iv been on your Facebook you telling people she's 'Stevens bred' and also your reply when we got her back was 'got the blood now anyway so don't care'. f***ing wrongun in my eyes I wouldn't give you a hob ferret.
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Don't know how this has come about but all I can say is I've dealt with Dd and he's never charged me wouldn't even take a drink .and the pups always been in top condition and out of good stuff . And in the end of the day he can put a good price on them if he wanted to and I'd of payed it to get the right dog . But as said I've never had to reach into my pocket.

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Where does one go nowadays that isnt in the know to get a well bred closely bred line bred whatever you want to put to them. With all what can say ? Underground rather than like the old breedees whre most people could buy a pup. Colour stamp name aint bothered as long as I can get a pup with the right ingredients and do my best with it

anyone? lol

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