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Anyone Recognise This Bitch

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This is the sire...    

Your mate and you sound like wise men...😂😂🙈

Putting this up for a mate   Does anyone recognise this bitch? It will be coming up 3 this September, the bitch was bought by a lad from Rochdale called Darren. The bitch was not the first dog he p

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no gaz jodie died of brain tumer out working this black bullx is out of crackers litter the sister to the one on first page of post

ive got a pup out of another bitch now 5 1/2 month 21 1/2 tts 22.4kg 👍
same sire....
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Sound cheers for that MLB. Sorry to hear about Jodie.


I might venture into the world of the big bad bull cross in a few years. Lol. Everything out of crackers stuff seem to do the job anyway.


I've seen both the parents work, seen a dog out of same litter as the pups being talked about working in Leicester last season (Ronnie) and he impressed me for a young dog. And I will see 2 pups from the latest litter (now 5 months) working next season.

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I think crackers breeding is so successful because he interferes with the matings.


Not saying too much but I went round his garden when the dogs were tied...


Let's just say I caught him with his pants down 😂

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