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Best X Dog You Have Ever Owned

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Two of my oldies..son & sire both dogs caught a lot lol..  

Here ya go    

Not sure how she was bred as she was a rescue but a good bitch. Reckon she was about 13 months when I got her. She had guts but was a nice dog to have around the house too. Good prey drive, brains and

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Had some great dogs (to me) over a few years,but then came across Bullx and everything changed. I have been back a few times to try other crosses but they cant compete with the Bullx . Not all good,but like other types it all depends on good breeding.. The main thing is mutual bond and respect. I admire all good dogs and would gladly keep any lurcher type if bullx didnt exist. One of the best and gamest dogs ive owned outside bullcrosses was what can only be described as a Saluki mongrel,he was endless,gutsy and very clever..I get a lump in my throat just thinking of him.

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My old Billy true grafter could do it all as far as I'm concerned very well bred bitch which could back its sires n damms names with no problem. Unfortanatly I didn't breed of her but I wish I did she's was handy round holes n all quarry big and small. The only thing I could fault her was on a few occasions she ran over squating rabbits on the lamp I dnt know if she has a sight issue she did once get a cut on her tear duct which it probably was.



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