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Bacon In The Making ( Spoilt For Choice )

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Well the weaners eat everything possible in the starter pen so now they have the run of the whole area compete with a natural wallow area









Plenty to go at till its time for the summer spit pig and freezer is filled.

I love keeping pigs they are such characters


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Well the day came two pigs taken dead weight both about 118kg never seen so much pork



84 chops n countless cuts, hams etc



Had to get a 500ltr catering freezer


Pork for tea

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Envious! I started dry curing streaky bacon last weekend. Should have a kilo of finest ready in ten days. Can't wait, smells and looks amazing. Are you.curing/smoking any?


It is the best bacon you will ever eat - I buy bellies off the butcher and do a few different cures - When you cook it there is no white water comes out of it at all!!

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