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Tallpex Over Duffus?

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Been having a lot of issues lately on a farm with moles filling my traps. I'm running around 100 duffus and have never had a problem before. The soil here is very sandy and pebbly and it's only a few moles doing it. Are the Talpex as good as I've heard for these trap blocking buggers? Really considering getting a few for the problem causers.

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Get 10 Talpex and try, they rarely fail with me.

Talpex are dead easy to set although take longer to set as once set in the soil I trigger the treadle plate to ensure the legs spring closed.

With clay soil the legs can slowly close as they cut through the soil. Also it is a good way of checking for stones.

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Talpex are the main trap i use these days,i think with the duffus you take the trap to the mole but with talpex as you've filled the tunnel the mole will sense this and want to clear,so in this your bringing him to you, i dont see the need to be looking for connecting runs etc,just place talpex near fresh activity and for me thats job done on to the next. As for setting them the more you use the quicker you get,i do make sure that the jaws do gather along the base of the tunnel for a sure kill.

I got a tad miffed when i needed a mole caught asap to find a back filled duffus replacing with a talpex to cure the job when a talpex at first set would have done.

Dont get me wrong i think the duffus is a great trap and the talpex is not 100% but for me these days duffus they stay in the van alot. This is all in my opinion that just works for me. Cheers all.

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I used to do OK with Talpex when I was trapping on the farm where I used to live. Mainly sandy soil. I've done less well in my usual garden jobs where the soil is usually claggy clay and stones. But I got a job today round a lake and the soil looked perfect for Talpex, so in they went.

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