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Alsation X Greyhound

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Easy to train ,bonded well,could read its reactions ,dog had its faults constantly needed refreshers onstock breaking also was twitchy around joggers an cyclists honestly don't know if she wasn't on a lead if she would tried pulling one down.

This was better pic when she was lot older

that bitch his identical to the black bitches in this line nice want she atb bunnys
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got 1 mate, Buck 1x gsd x grey 2 1 /2 year old 28in odd lb, yery powerful with strong jaw with good feet+coat, and good stamina . One thing as surprised me with this x, is how agile+fast h

I am happy with the dog, he going well catches bit of stuff, so put it on here and its a hunting forum , that's what its for, you do what suits you I do what suits me, it big old web site for eve

Here's my bitch hopefully does the job for me she was doing well for a young dog last season well as good as could be expected started her earlier then I generally would be I had my reasons for that m

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image.jpegboth retrieved when shot by the young bitch this was the wee welp of the nest no rest in between shots retrieved one after the other.its retrieving single well now.atb bunnys

Is that pup you kept? Good retrieving

. thats the little bitch nephews had plenty sped tight runner bags a stamina we have only the two dark bitches the larger bitch looks to be coming along well but not getting the work load yet the wee man getting her out regular he only fifteen .atb bunnys
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On 24 September 2017 at 12:30, forest of dean redneck said:

Often thought about another but they never crop up at time I'm looking,

Only thing that really held me back is concerns I would keep comparing it to my first shepherd x greyhound and I would ruin it .

Your old bitch sounds a lot like jaz cats she hates wrong uns she knows and picks them out of the crowd just good basic instincts ta me of the breeding the  alsation Lurcher .atb bunnys

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On 10/16/2017 at 06:50, springfield said:

I've heard stories to much collie can make a dog pick runs

its not just collie in a dog that can make them pick runs, ive seen it in some dogs that have a hard and busy working life although collie blood does have a tendency to cause it at times without heavy work loads.

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Griggs right but a seen all types a xes pick runs even bull xes when mixed with collie  blood salukixes also  it the load of work that begets the very best in the end ,only downtime helps the best retain there vitality and zest ta keep running  lamping will sort the wheat from the chaff the islands learned me lots back yrs ago about those with the necessary tools to run them fa night after night and get large bags running single jukel nowhere to hide when there's infestations to be cleared.atb bunnys.

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