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Show Us Your Plummer's

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post-76374-0-79626800-1426434805.jpgpost-76374-0-48107700-1426434840.jpgpost-76374-0-10509800-1426434883.jpgpost-76374-0-52043300-1426434928.jpgpost-76374-0-74641900-1426434984.jpgpost-76374-0-71477900-1426435034.jpgpost-76374-0-10978300-1426435083.jpgpost-76374-0-10721900-1426435140.jpgpost-76374-0-58674100-1426435183.jpgpost-76374-0-45168600-1426435232.jpgpost-76374-0-96974100-1426435272.jpg[attachment=Great thread this,nice to see Plummers grafting.Couple more of mine, out early doors this morning on one of the farms i do most weeks,killed 21 not the biggest bag but a few hours cracking sport all the same. ''Grace'' my pup killed another two adults.managed to get a few pics of her killing so here they are,atb ,keith j.

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But who needs Plummer when my WHWT beats two to the punch ha ha



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People seem to underestimate the plumbers.a lot of them were bred for coin but there are some out there that will graft

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