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Show Us Your Plummer's

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Thanks for this post I was after a jrt to bush with my lurchers but the more I read and see these dogs work in in pics they certainly look a handy dog to have had a look about down here in kent they are rare a hens teeth

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Best busher i ever had was a Plummer Joseph, best nose on a terrier by a mile imo.

i have to agree with that.

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The first lesson to learn about getting a plummer terrier is you WILL have to travel and do not just buy the first one you see for sale without doing some homewrok as with all types of dogs there's shit bred ones and well bred ones :thumbs: ..

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just to keep interest a few old pics of saxon gypsy. Sassy












Sassy is getting a little long in the tooth now. but is one of the best all rounders ive owned .good little dogs in the right hands


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