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pitt bitch x patt / weaton. didnt plan on getting him it just kind of happened lol. 6months old dog pup








post-74210-0-72627700-1451500760_thumb.jpg Some months later.........

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Nice pup that, hows he coming on?
Hes coming on great, only complaint i have is he killed a nice hen on me the other day and he was fully broken to them up to that. Hes very biddable / clever and does everything needed of him.
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I don't know the idea behind breeding g renterriers,but it makes a nice change, Americans not breeding massive oversized bull types as they normally do.....unless they are breeding oversize patterdales

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On 03/04/2015 at 04:22, j1985 said:

In a country where pitbulls are legal why would you want a small version for on top work be it boar or yote when surely a full bull would be much more appropriate ? Or any other big powerful bull breed...


The fact the guy put his name to the breed says enough about him to me that he's after nothing but coin

I love when people who don’t even know the guy have an opinion. He did not name the dogs after himself, people who owned the dogs gave them that honor. Also if people are happy with there working ability why does it matter to you. If you know bulldogs they are not keen hunters most don’t got the nose for it. They are more if they see it destroy it, but for them to actually put nose to ground and hunt for the animal not so good. The renterriers have much better noses and are great for a coyote who thinks they am easy meal

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I"d love to see this cross working coyote,here I think you would lose a lot hunting pigs due to size and being too game.As guard dogs I'd hate to walk into a yard with 3 or 4 on duty.

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