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Help With Cocker Spaniel

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hello my brother has bought a cocker spaniel bitch she is 17 months old .she is starting to bush but doesn't no what she is looking for .so she doesn't goin in very far she is a great retriever great with the dummys and using a feral pigeon he whants her for rought shooting rabbits and pheasants mainly .but hes trying to get her to bush properly if any one can help with how he can get her bushing /working properly it would be a great help ............

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if it has come from a gun man it will be trained to the gun so YOU have to turn it to the dark side if you can take it out with a bushing dog to follow to the penny drops



find out if its broke to ferrets then its even easier :thumbs:

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Ok simple get your recall into place on the button, go too places where you know there is quarry too flush ( cockers are not stupid why cut the selfs to bits if nothing is in there ) and work her into bushes where she can flush quarry that way she will relate this too fun and there will be no stopping her !!! Apart from your recall !

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Sorry to ressurect a dead post, but I just read an article on the Shooting Times about the differences between a cocker and a springer, and it relates exactly to this "problem" you are having!


Cockers and Springers hunt in very different ways. Springer Spaniels enjoy hunting, and will push through cover regardless of whether or not there is game there or not. They do it for the fun.


Whereas "cockers" are usually called "economy hunters". They will only ever push into cover if they know 100% there is game in there. They aren't stupid. They don't want to cut themselves up for no reason (unlike Springers who find hunting so fun, the cuts and burs that get stuck to them is secondary). For example, they will run up to some cover, run to the downwind side of it, have a few sniffs, and if there is nothing in there, they won't go in. They will then move onto another set of cover, and if they smell game or quarry in the cover, they will absolutely go in.


So the problem your having is not really a problem at all. It's very common of the breed. If you're interested, look up Jeremy Hunt's article on the "Shooting Times" website called "Which breed of spaniel should I buy?" - it explains it more on there.

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