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My Northern Goshawk

sean goshawk

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hi ive been flying birds or prey for ten year and I had a female harris I had for many years.and then got myself a female gos this is a andy hunter breed bird and only this year bird ive only took 60


Well today the big girl was 2lb 9 1/2oz and took out the pup to do some cover work and he marked a set of winds and flushed out six partridge and she took off like a rocket and then the flight went ov

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Think I'm gonna put a deposit down the end of the season for a German female. Had my time with the Harris. Glad to see you get good results lanping her. Makes up a good majority of my hunting


Shame your not over here as this bird is 3\4 finish 1/4 German and I never payed big money either for it .as most breeds look a £1000 for female lll tell you I payed nothing near that I had alot of money left over could of bought a male with it to.as I seen the person selling this year bird and a sister to mine came out of the pen at 3lb 3 oz and was only looking £500 for her as I would of bought it myself but got a good deal on a brand new Marshall system and picked that instead of the gos.yeah the lamping is handy for me if the weather is bad in the morning time and cant get out lll over fed her and take the lamp out a run.

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im in a built up area, my male way noisey in his first year but I took him work with me doing nights out in my truck, yeah I still hear that noise today!! that was 6 years ago, wouldn't swap him for the world, the female I got as an older bird, she calls in the summer months breeding time, got a lad after her, she may go to him if I decied to go pr

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was out yesterday and got two rabbits,and got a fone called from a friend to go out lamping so I never fed her must and took her out lamping and got another two rabbits,And woke up this morning to bow the bird out and woke up to a empty perch :cray: and thought the worst has happen to me ,But I just guess I pushed her too hard and was to tried to stand on the perch






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