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Greyhound Questions

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People say greyhounds are no good for working and you should get an all round lurcher.



So here are my questions.



Do greyhounds lack stamina and do they have soft feet so that they cant cope with different terrain?


Or are they great lamping dogs?

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If only it were so simple.



Do you mean and ex racer or one reared to work from a pup, they would be very different animals.



Perhaps it would be better to consider/ ask do all greyhounds have bad feet or are like all dogs some have good some have bad?? Remember ground impact is all about speed so fast dogs feet will have twice the impact force of a slow dog hence faster dogs get more foot injuries. Then there’s body weight to add on, greyhounds tend to be big animals in comparison to many lurchers which again increases contact forces.



Stamina is very open to interpretation, many of the racier lurchers one sees have no more stamina then a greyhound but their owners are happy with them.




Lamping would depend on what type you were planning, a small greyhound bitch as a point and shoot on decent land would be similar to many of the afore mentioned racier lurchers one sees.



At the end of the day it's horses for courses.

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i know this is an old topic ,im running my retired bitch on the lamp,ive had her since she was 14months she then raced for 2 1/2years ,shes 54pounds,ok here goes ,shes fast ,can catch but not good on turns ,hard mouthed doesnt bother me as i feed some to the greyhounds anyway,her recal is good sometimes lol,this bitch is a pet now she lived in the house 1 year i think thats how she good recal ,as a greyhound coming straight from racing i wouldnt attempt to lamp them you would spend most of the night trying to catch them, and they would be injured to easily,as i say the bitch is a pet and im only having a bit of fun and keeping her fit and only run her on safe fields ie fenced no obstacles trees etc ,as greyhounds have tunnel vision and will run into anything when chasing.

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