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Night Out With The .17Hmr

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hi everyone


i was out the other night with my .17hmr i thought i would do a little write up


i come up to my first bit of land hand as i drove past i see a glint of an eye on the field first i thought it was probably a deer but i thought i had better pull in and check so i did drove down the track long side of the field had a butchers through the night vision and there was charlie my guesses over 200yards away so i started squeeking him up by hand he was a bit nervous but after few minutes he started legging it in got him to a nice place and then little squeek and he stopped and i dropped him where he stood


so i got my trumeter out (measuring wheel ) and walked over to it 101.5yards nice dog fox . i then had a quick look around with my t20 see another glint on the next field which wasnt mine to shoot so i quickly took this picture and took him back to the truck .


got back in the truck and started squeeking again 15 mins later dropped this vixen at 127 yard head shot dropped her down




i then shot few bunnys before moving off to the golf course

and shot this next dog fox at 75 yards



over all i was very chuffed with the performance of the .17hmr using hornday vmax 17grn just a shame i didnt have the 22.250 out with me but its always the way when you dont take the centerfire


thanks for reading



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i use to think that it wasnt very humane at great lenghts on foxes but i have changed my mind on that now i use to use my 22.250 alot on foxes but im now happy to take a fox to 130yards no further with the .17hmr if i dont have the centerfire with me but i do love shooting the bunnies with the .17hmr if anyone ask me i will suggest that they buy one lol

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