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Guest Leveller

I went out for a mere walk with Bullett this morning on some of the local fields. I was intentionaly out for any other reason than to walk the girl after less than bountiful nights lamping, where she incidently only caught one rabbit but she did kill the most stunning looking vixen that was hanging around the pregnant ewes.

We were casually walking through the fields as I sent her under a gate she took off like an exorcet I climbed the gate giving me a better view of what was going on when I'll be darned if Pus wasn't minding her own business out in the middle of the field. The field was around seventy - eighty acres and just basically square to give you some idea of the size, I suppose Bullett got to about 300 yards away from it when its' very good senses told it that it ought to start thinking about getting the f***k outta there.

You know the way ther Hare gets out of its' seat and just appears to effortlessly lope away until she realises there is 23 1/2" of slobbering Bull cross putting the pressure on her behind and then it's time to step it up a gear. Bullett turned her ninetey degrees and she was making her way towards the hedge, now I've never pretended to own " a Hare dog " I'm more of a simple moocher but she has taken a few in her time she normally pushes and pushes them into impossible positions where they have no option but to be caught but today I take my hat off to her and credit where credit is due she really piled the pressure on and kept this one in the field. Turning it like a true pro, after about a minute the pair of them ended up running towards me ( why didn't I have my camera ? ) at full pelt Pus changed direction and I honestly believe Bullett anticipated that one because she was there mouth open and waiting she struck, scooped it up and smashed it in to floor breaking its' neck instantly just feet from gate that I was stood on, as she stood over her kill blowing and foaming at the mouth she looked at me and her eyes said it all " now moan about that one you miserable sod " fair play to her she deserved it.


Here we are home and dry




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Nice one, I enjoyed that read.


My Collie X Greyhound ran one yesterday afternoon......Hares seem easier to find than rabbits at the moment.


It had bugger all law, (hunted up), so she looked quite good on the first, (small), field, but was quickly unsighted on the second, which is very overgrown to the tune of 2ft height of dead weeds.

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