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The Best Die Too Soon

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Lost my lurcher bitch last week, only young at 5 1/2 years old. found out she had lymphoma (cancer) last month and she really went down hill quickly, lost loads of weight and had lumps appearing all over her body as well as passing blood! Last Friday she was at her worst she was refusing food and anything she ate was thrown up. She wasn't comfortable and was clearly her time, so the vet was called out and she was laid to rest! Less than a week before Christmas, and just half way into our season and leaving me without a dog to run! She worked her heart out for me and was truly something special! The good ones do go too soon! RIP Meg

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Five years ago i lost a very promising young bitch to the same thing, funnily enough also called Meg!


Did your bitch do sommat to trigger it, mine ripped herself and required a few stitches, nothing bad but enough to act as a trigger my vet said...?

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Sorry to hear that Bosun. She has had a few stitches in the past, also nothing serious but hey shit happens on the dog game. Just gonna have to wait to source a decent pup in the new year. What will be will be


Thanks for all the kind words lads, she'll always be with me in thought

Atb and merry Christmas to you all

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