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Rip Ron

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Well lads my mate that I've dug with for the last five years passed away yesterday whilst out digging to he's bitch. He leaves a wife three daughters and two sons the youngest of which is only little

Still hasn't sunk In properly. What Ron didn't know about Terriers and their work you could write on the head of a pin. He could talk the talk and walk the walk, not like a lot of guys on here. He rea

Well said mate, he was a terrier man through and through, and I will miss the old boy

A true mate gone had some good days with ron, the type of guy that would drive miles out of his way to help someone,a day with the dogs will seem strange without a phone call or txt to see how we got on,he stayed in my home a good few times and was allways pleasant and polite to my family,

My thaughts are with his family a terrible time of year for this to happen,

rip my old mate and BE LUCKY

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Well lads this is a hard one, many thanks for the messages of condolance and i will pass them onto his family,

Myself and Ron go back a long way and have run dogs, dug terriers, shot hunted and fished together for over 30 years on and off, the day he went out to Marshman i was laid up sick and just like he would have done to me i volunteered him to help out if he could :laugh:

To those that had met him you know the craic, a decent bloke and a good terrier man one of the first digs he and i had after we met was in a foot of snow on an old tip that was horrendous to dig through, he was in a T shirt and was holding my feet as we scraped and clawed our way down to the terrier, we got her out after two days eventually getting a concrete breaker in there to get through the mass of old fence posts that she was under, the terrier was none the worse for it and whenever we spoke about all Ron could say was " it was a shit dig but we got the gear " and that was it the best of mates ever since.

To say i'll miss him doesnt even scratch the surface but i am God father to his youngest so i'm hoping that some of those terrier man genes have been passed down and before i get too old to have a little go we'll have a day or two out together with the terriers.

Once again thanks to all for the kind words i know they'll be appreciated



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