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Top bit of sport with Gary

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Had little Gaz out today at our once rabbit rich but mixy ravaged spot.We had been out about 25 mins when Gary stooped low on the fist opened his wings slightly and bobbed his head franticly,couldnt see anything but thought if he goes ill let him,a second later he was of twisting through the hawthorne and out of sight,i ran after him only to see him comming the other way in hot persuit off a cock pheasant.The bird made it to thick gorse and Gaz kicked up into a tree,literally two seconds later he stooped from the tree and buzzed the top of another cock birds head crouching in the grass it sidestepped him and it was off.Gary soared aroung the tree top and again went into a stoop weaving through some hawthorne and out of sight.At that i heard a short sharp squeal and i was on my toes after him.I found Gaz clamped on the head of a good sized rabbit which when it saw me tried to run again,i cought up witht them and despatched the rabbit.Over the moon,his first bunny of the season, a few pics of him munching on its liver




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Looking good gram!

wish i had seen it Al! he still at 1.4 1/2 and still needs 1/2 oz shaving to make him more determined on cock pheasant i think.I was supposed to be going out with Mick in the morning but cos it was his first i give him a good feed so should be too high o we will just take storm out.When you fancy a day out give u a buz mate

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