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Micheal Bell

Adventure Of Target Sports Down In Somerset

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did not know where to put this so i put it in here. Tis a Tale from a target sports adventure that still to this day keeps me laughing.



Started with a phone call from Pass it on young Sports.

Rob collins director and owner of pass it on young sports rang me up on the 02-05-2014 and asked me if i could attend his big taster day for young sports and if i could put on a disabled firing range. so after a hour on the phone we sorted out a date for me to attend.

June 12th

i’m on the train first thing in the morning and of down to somerset where rob met me at the train stations with all my gear on my back. of to house home we went to drop my gear off and then he said get yourself sorted out we are off out shooting in a few mins.

Few mins later in all setup and off we went to a new farm he had to go check out.about 1 hour into the shoot im sat there waiting on the rabbits to come out as they having been causing the farmer a lot of problems and out of the blue i heard a loud galloping noise i turned to see a herd of cows and a bullock coming my way and full speed.Bugga that i thought i turned and ran for the gate. just as i got to the gate i put my foot on the bottom and threw my other leg over.And thats when it happened SLIP AND CRUNCH my foot had come off the gate while i was flying over the gate and i landed on the gate with a leg on either side i turned into a ball as i hit the ground. rob thought this has very funny and could not stop laughing. i could not believe it the pain i was in. but that was not the end of it. after 10/15 mins had gone by i was able to continue the controller with him.and i sore my next shot about 55 yards out so i lent on a fence post to get my balance as this is a freshly turned field and it happened the ground gave way a sudden crack thump and Ouch. i ended up in the thistle bush with nettles and barbedwire. At this point rob could hardly breath from laughing. i’m sat there thinking what else can go wrong on this trip i was not having a good day at all.after a few hours at the farm and a happy farmer from the job we had gone to do we set off back home some food. later that night we had to go out and see another farm that had a problem with some foxes damaging and killing. half way threw the night on the lamp we saw something that was massive and black.and rob was telling me about the black cats seen around those grounds. that set me a little uneasy but we was there to get a job done.time started to get on to us at this point so we headed off home. for a well earned beer and sleep.

june 13th

we after a good nights kip we got a early start and headed of to the grounds were we would be hosting the pass it on taster day. fishing poles to set up grounds to clean gear to collect and drop off. but that did not take as much time as we thought it would. and we ended up going back home to collect the rifles and go back out to do more pest control.the day went smoothly plenty bags filled and happy farmers all round as we managed to track down the chicken thieving charlies that had been causing problems for the past 3 months. then we got a phone call to go to becky house for a BBQ for our tea so men being men we was happy to accept. after a few hours there we decided to take another trip out with the rifles to see what’s about as it got late in the evening about 12:30am we was spotting with the lamp when we saw the big black PANTHER!! in the field about 30 yards away from us watching us at this point i was thinking i’m not getting out this truck at all. And then rob looks at me and says can you go open that gate for me please. im looking at him as if to say are your crazy. so i built up enough courage to get out the truck in the pitch black Darkness to go open the gates just as i opened it rob drives thru the gate. I started to close the gate when i heard a big branch snap from under foot and knowing the cows are at the other end of the field i did the old road runner act back towards the truck. my adrenalin was pumping to the max i could not speak or move or do anything. rob was crying with laughter at this point i honestly thought he was going to wet himself.Then he comes out with you forgot to lock the gate. (well of course i did there is a panther out there and i could have sworn it was after me). He looks at me and says you need to get out and close it. i went to pick up the lamp and my hands would not work they was like jelly (Rob laughing even harder at this point) but i got out moving very slowly towards the gate scanning every inch of grass as i was a nervous wreck at this point knowing there is a panther in that field.After all the excitement we decided to call it a night and headed off home for a beer and something to eat.

June 14th

Well after all the excitement the night befor and a good night sleep we headed back out to get the last of the gear ready for the big day on the 15th june. after a couple of hours running around getting last few bits and bobs collected and dropping them off at the lake rob asked me if i had ever been on a pigeon shoot for farmers i said no so he took me along with him and watched the man at work with his shotgun and boy can he shoot after a hour of sitting and waiting for a flight of pigeons coming in we heard a crashing noise and out of the blue a crow came down and landed on the barrel of his shotgun and sat there looking at us.10469702_10203213825260046_3445763397214Rob decided to name

him Bert the crow. after a few minutes we put him back in the tree as its only a baby crow and we packed up and headed of home for a early day and a movie to watch and emails to answer.


Well today is the Big day For Pass It On Young Sports so where are up at 06:30am to get ourselves together and load the truck up and off we went to the Fishing lake. on arrival we was greeted by a cup of coffee and the smell of bacon and eggs. not long till the gates opened so we cracked on setting up the events putting the fishing tackle in the right spots setting the rifles up for the range setting the targets up for the slingshot shooting – archery-helping set up the bush craft tents –face painting –hedge building and ferritin stalls. I just managed to grab another coffee before the gates opened and had a briefing on how the day is going to go.Befor i knew it there where Mums n Dads and children lining up at all the sports and activities on offer so that was it the range started up kiddys shooting targets and getting help on shooting the children on my range were fantastic and it was a true honor to allow them to shoot with us. 10352583_10203229322287462_1911135644273as i looked across i could see all the dads lining up to play with the sling shots as well


and the mums on the archery having loads of fun.


All i could here all day was the trout being pulled from the like by children being shown how to fly fish which that was fantastic to see.


right next to me i had something of natural beauty all day long a Harris Hawk called Ace. He was fantastic to see and i even got my picture with him 10306549_10152043583796652_7524118977574

The day went on for hours Smiles on all the childrens face’s as well as face paints. Mums Dads Grandma’s and Grandpa’s all enjoying themselves as well taking part in everything that was on offer it was a spectacular day had by all. and for me just to see all those smiles on those faces made it worthwhile.

My Message to all if you are ever around when these days take place jump and its fun for the whole family. the atmosphere is fantastic and the team will help you with whatever you need on the day.

it was a true privilege and honour to be apart of this day.

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