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My history is not all the best but was it not the roman ceaser that admired the British sight hound so much that they took a lot of them back and were traded between senators and giving as gifts too the Germanic tribes kings but on another note even with earth dogs some are sent too Europe USA and oz look at the patterdale

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I don't believe britain always had the best running dogs ... I would say the countries of origin to each breed had and still have the best dogs as they havnt been curtailed by a stupid ban and they ha

Why not,everything else that came from Britain,we now suck at,tennis,football etc. Dogs bred in countries that utilise them still for providing most of their meat intake,or vermin control will surpas

He is coming on nicely mate ... He is just over a year old and 29 inches and 70lbs ... He is a f****r for cats and kills them for fun ...,he has had a few rabbits but hasn't run anything else yet ...

interesting thread. I was wondering only the other week whilst watching some coursing in spain if any off our match dogs over here would compete with one of there galgo's. Whats going to happen to our coursing greyhounds, now that's a breed that's fecked because of the ban. Big shame really.

Just wait till cabron is knocking them over....;)

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There isn't a complete direct translation but it is a goat, when used in context like as a name for example it can mean dickhead, asshole etc when used as par. Of a conversation it can mean awesome or feckin terrible :laugh: no wonder it's taking me ages to learn the lingo :laugh:

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