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Slip Lead Or Not

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Was a man here always had his dogs on leads while out at the bigears only problem was he use to plaster both his hands with vasiline he was deadly for letting a dog or dogs off when anorther mans dog was coursing a bigear it was always sorry they pulled out of leads he just loved coming home to tell folk his dogs kilt this or that lol

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I'm a midget and own a deerhound so I'm at a disadvantage

Lads it's not rocket science,,,just let the dog off the slip,,,,and try it,,,it's not majic.......

Much easier and more of a pleasure if you can work the dog off the lead ........

As the title says how many dog men use slip leads?


I do and alot of people I have been out with do but also been out with men who dont. I myself prefer the slip don't no why I just do I like to feel the dog pull before the slip

Part of bringing on a pup as far as training goes, is having it work off lead

I have no problem starting it on slip the reason for it is to make a pup believe that your proximity and command make the action happen

If walking beside and listening to your "watch up ' command when you spotted a bunny gets the pup focused , and then hissing it on when in range


The truth of the matter is a pup has no idea why any thing happens , it's just making it believe that standing beside you and listening to commands makes the rabbit appear,it will stand beside you all night

Stant a pup on its own , giving the same commands every time letting the pup put the pattern of commands and actions together in its mind to come up with the full picture itself,


This would be one of a pups training aspects more so then the much enforced Recall , its reinforcing that everything happens in close proximity to the owner

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