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A rough guide on how to make square meshed nets.

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at last I think I have got it iv been reading that post for the last few weeks but couldent understand it I was just about to start pestering tc to explain it in simpler terms but by god I think iv got it (I hope iv got it ) thanks netrigger

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A few tips for knitting a square meshed net, I tried them off loops at first but found that the meshes would not be a consistent size so I took to knitting them off a pole, I found it a lot more accurate.




Even then because of the double knot on the increase row and again on the decrease row it was difficult to get the knot in the centre of the mesh above. To counteract that effect I found that if I pulled the next few knots yet to be knitted square to the board I had a lot less variation in the mesh sizes, therefore a more even (accurate) mesh size.




Another factor with the square meshed net is not to do as many rows as you would with normal nets before moving the net up on the pole 5 or 6 is plenty before you move the net up and if you can leave yourself a couple of rows when you start again.


The net I am making there is a square meshed hare gate net, Of hand I cannot remember the exact size but it was around the 18ft x 12ft size.



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Thanks for the info TC really apreciate your advice no dout I will have more questions about square mesh nets cheers aidy

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