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Hares In The Morning

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Genuine question so don't bother coming out all guns blazing:


Given that hares are generally nocturnal and crepuscular and that in the past they were run during normal daylight hours rather than early doors - do you think they run as well? Do you think that more people are able to do big numbers because of the time of day - maybe the hares are cold first thing, maybe they graze during the day, maybe they have less energy first thing?


or are they performing just as well?


or are dogs improving?


or something else like my imagination?

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That makes sense sir, also the fact that in many areas, especially lamped, hares will and do run just as fast as in the day, use the same tactics or whatever to escape and know exactly where they are

I stick my neck on the line..   I caught double figures hares on the lamp often - more than once a week..   A lot ran double up but single as well..   The same dogs would blank or be lucky to

think if anything running for its life its going to go the best it can being being it morning noon or night lol

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Hares dont run flat out at night where they do in daylight making them easier on the lamp

Don't agree with that at all. I've owned and seen some very fast dogs over the years that I was sure they were about to pick up some hares, only to see these same hares pull away, on the lamp!

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Hares move and feed at night.

Hide and rest during day.

I agree, but if you work the land in a tractor as i do now and again you,ll see Hares feeding and moving about normally, a human walking the land is a different matter though, and as iceman says they get out of the way and layup.

I always seemed to catch more at dusk than at first light, read into that what you will as i didnt notice Hares being any less inclined to run my dog ragged at dusk.

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