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Rip Buster

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This little dog honestly had the lungs to match any Pure Saluki

Sounds insured but true

He was quick away and tight as they come

Hates the cold and rain

Used to stand shivering

But as soon as he was slipped on Puss all that was forgot.

He also one day came across Mr Roe and I was very Suprised

He seemed to just change

Went full on with a throat hold

It's the only one he ever came across and that was by mistake.

I remember slipping him on a Hare down nr Lincoln

He took his Quarry off seed into plough

Went to strike and took a real bad fall

Everyone went Ooooe

I thought he broke his neck

He jumped up had a quick shake looked for Sally

Who was off the plough and back onto seed with maybe 60-80 yards on him

He took off the field of seed slowly rising

Half way up this very large field he pulled her back in tight on its scut then over the horizon away

Anyways about 5-10 mins later here's Kipper comes walking over the brow with Buster

He was on way back from collecting one of his

He says who's this little dog

Mine I says

He replies you've one vicious little dog there mate

He brayed that hare all over up there what a course

So much so the Hare went to ground.

That was 2003

I was Proud as fook of the little fella getting Praise from Kipper.


Loads of Great Memories from the Halceyon days in my book.


RIP Buster.

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That's two old warriors wev lost in 5 days

On Monday old Smiler 12-13 yrs old had to be PTS

I still maintain this dog caught the first daytime hare in the UK on New Years morn 2005.


Again Great Memories


RIP Smiler.

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I loved that little dog,,,,me and max has many days out together back in the early years of this century ,,,I was fortunate to have about 5000 acres lifting with hares,,,,and some great days we had,,,,I would have put buster over Sally had I not lost her,,,,but that's dogs for ya,,,here's a few pics of the dog back in the day..


Buster on the left with max,,back in 2003







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Good dogs owned by a good dog man and not just a man with dogs..RIP Buster & Smiler..make em run up there on the big fields boys "get ooooooooon"..Fair play Max for doing what was right and proper for the dogs and not just you..

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