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out with the lamp

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Had a look out with the lamp with some mates last night good night for the lamp it was blowin a bit :lol: started of well the dogs were picking up canny . Then my mates black dog was on a rabbit that was running down a bank he lost his leg in a dip and went full tilt into a bank he took some time to get up when my mate got to him he said that he was winded and he wouldn't run him till he was ok we caught a few more then my black'n white dog was stretching to pick up and his leg went down a rabbit hole he got to his feet and tried to get back to the rabbit but went down again it didn't look very good but luckily he hadn't broke it and after a rest he was walking on it ok With 2 dogs out of action my mate was left to run his big brindle dog who ran well till we packed in both dog are ok just stiff









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