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More .22 Hornet !

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I have a CZ 527 in .22 Hornet and I'm finding that it shoots better with a warm barrel. My first couple of shots from cold are often well off, then it settles down. Anyone else found this with their Hornet? I'm wondering if it is the throat dimensions.


In the pic #1 was a cold barrel, the rest followed with 1&3 being hand loads with a slightly longer o.a.l. than # 2 & 4. #4 was down 1 click from #2 but still showed a flier ( which is not uncommon with this rifle!).post-94065-0-08184100-1415142838_thumb.jpg

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This might sound like a daft question, but you are using.224 bullets, not .223? I could not get the barrel on my hornet warm, what is your cleaning regime mate, because that looks to me a classic case of a freshly cleaned rifle, needing some copper down the barrel before returning to zero? But of course I could be wrong, are you crimping the bullet in place mate? A bit more info might help to get to the bottom of this, and have you tried a group without the moderator(assuming your rifle has one) ? Looking at that grouping 2 and 4 are by far better than your handloads, which should not be the case, what load are you using? I would start the handloads from scratch mate looking at that, forget about aol just set it to your load data, I found my hornet which was a CZ 527 shot best with a bit of a jump to the rifling which in truth, so do a lot of rifles.

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Charlie - .224 bullets; rifle had 25 rounds through it since cleaning before this session; I haven't tried without the mod.


Alll the rounds were hand loads and crimped.


The bullets I have available at the moment are Hornady 40gr. V-Max which are longer than the Hornady 35gr. Hornet specific bullets (flat bottomed) so there is a problem with seating too deep and the lip of the case protruding over the ogive.(see pic) I can get away with just seating them on the very edge of the straight section (which gives problem of fitting into the magazine). On a couple of batches I've clipped the plastic tip, this does not seem to affect accuracy at all.


Hornady load data gives a max oal as 1.723 whilst their factory loads are 1.705 (quite short) these perform well.


Targets 1 & 3 were 1.834 (unclipped) and 2 &3 were 1.795 (clipped). I've measured the head space and 1.834 is within the linits and they chamber fine.


I've had Hornet bullets on order for weeks, Hornady, Speer and Sierra in 40gr. but no sign of them yet.post-94065-0-32477600-1415191338_thumb.jpg

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I dont like the look of those rounds one little bit, and by the look of the targets neither does your rifle, try a group without the moderator and see what its like, targets 2&4 are pretty good groups, were they handloads or factory? the flier could just be you mate, I know I have done it, as we all do from time to time, how long is the barrel, and what powder are you using mate?

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That pic was just to illustrate the bullet length, I don't load like that . Here is a pic of my regular load. That is what shot # 2 & 4.


I know we all pull shots but i can't account for that one, you usually know. Fliers like that occur regularly, often to the same direction.


The barrel is quite short, 16 1/2". I'm using Lilgun powder.


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Hmmmm I think we have touched on this before, that is short, it might be worth trying a faster burning powder like h110, although to be fair those groups aint bad apart from the flier, fliers like that can often be down to a bedding issue, have you considered either doing it yourself, or having it glass bed? But before you do, I would wait until you get your hands on some hornet bullets, mine absolutely loved Sierra 45grain varminter bullets, it could be that it is not too keen on the 40 grain vmax.

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I'll try an identical test as soon as the weather clears up, then, if my bullets arrive, I'll try them. I had some Remington 45gr given and they didn't do very well but I won't really kown until I load some. It's a bit of a waste buying 100 bullets then finding after 10 that they don't suit the rifle !

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It's a bit of a waste buying 100 bullets then finding after 10 that they don't suit the rifle !

Too true that, can't we setup a group for swapping the 'useless' ammo of one member for the 'useless' ammo of the other? Bullet heads, primers and powder could all be included. There must be a way to make it feasible? I know these components cannot be shipped, but there must be some on here who are local to others.


If anyone has a solution to this predicament, count me in. I have some components to swap.

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