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Rabbit With No Ears !

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i had a stroll round this afternoon with the air arms after work, the light had just about gone when i spoted a rabbit a few feet out into the feild of young barley. i took the shot and rolled the rabbit over, as i approached the rabbit in the very last minutes of daylight i sensed somthing was not quite right, in fact the rabbit had both ears cut off very short ! has anyone seen this before ?

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Just a thought an old way of telling a shot rabbit from ones that have been ferreted was to cut or slice one of their ears before being bagged up.so the ferreted ones could be identified from the shot ones for the selling onto butchers.But strange to catch one with both ears gone?

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i was once on a job and there was a tractor mowing the long grass in an orchard. the rabbits where squatting in the long grass. the mower was a boxer type with the rotary blades on the back. 1 rabbit ended up scalped and was dead but another young rabbit had the ears cut off and just sat tight with little stubbs on, before bolting off

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