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First Lamping Trip For Juno

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its my weekend of work , the winds blowing, the rains driving and my lamp is charged, the X factor comes on and out i go , juno, my 8 month pup has never been lamping. Theres a part of my perm ive been saving for this night, its high up right at the top of the valley of swaledale , i had a walk round a week ago and decided this would be the venue for her first foray with the lamp, as i drove up the steep track rabbits bobbed in front , but this part is very rough ground, the place we were heading was very well grazed meadow, i parked the car and climbed the wall, it took 5 minutes to convince her she had to keep her head up, i saw the first rabbit 20 metres away and squatting , i walked briskly focusing on the squatter( not the dog) as it broke to run i was 5 metres away , i slipped juno then nothing ! i watched the rabbit run away and the dog dissapeared, i lighthoused the field and found her head down hunting up grrrrr ! recalled leashed up and on , next rabbit 5 metres from a wall , i feel her pull on the lead i get to 5 metres away and it breaks , i slip her, quick run and catches it , and retrieves live to hand GOOD GIRL , 1 in the bag and on we go , next rabbit squatting in some thistles she doesnt see it but trusts the beam and when we get up to it shes looking in the right spot, this rabbit breaks cover jinxed and jived and escaped through a gate, this time she tried to hunt it up but i managed to recall her and lead her up, the next rabbit is sat in the corner of the wall, she sees, runs , catches and retrieves live to hand, GOOD GIRL , by now im at the end of the walled in meadow land and make a turn for the car, checking with the lamp as i go back over my tracks, just as im at the wall to climb to the car i see another squatter, as i walk up to it im 10 metres off , shes seen where im pointing the lamp and can sense her ready to go when i slip, as i slide down the hill i slip the dog and the rabbit breaks , i managed to keep the lamp on the rabbit right up to it reaching the crest of the hill and then im laid on the floor with the lamp in the air, never mind, i did split the groin of my waterproofs but hell it made me laugh so , i got in the car, drove the 5 minutes home just as the x factor was finnishing , excellent hour and half out :)post-75674-0-02003400-1414274074_thumb.jpg

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