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Who Gives Electrolytes ?

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My young dog had a few runs last night a good night for it but a little warm I've noticed his pee is really dark orange If it was me I'd drink more as I'd assume I was dehidrated but my dog is not keen on water never has been a big drinker even on hot days he hardly drinks anything don't know why but normaly he is fine I was wondering if it's worth giving him some electrolites if so does anyone recomend any or recomend not bothering ? Cheers for any replys

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theres an old saying with running dogs "All ways leave one in the tank" don't run a dog until it is dehydrated a fit dog should be good for a few hard runs if it dehydrates to the extent that acidosis happens then the dogs really in trouble and drips are usually needed so just know your dogs and what is enough for them

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If the Urine is very dark then consider Rhabdomyolysis. See




If the dog is just dehydrated then the salts (electrolytes) in its body will be concentrated by the lack of fluid so what the dog will need is more fluid not more salts. Glucose drinks are useful as the encourage drinking, replace lost glucose and rehydrate without messing with the electrolyte balance. See

for more on this.

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Maybe a small drop of milk put in whith his water or whisk a raw egg in with a large bowl of water and it might encourage the dog to lap it all up. Then observe the urine next time he goes to see if thats the problem. Another reason maybe that the dogs urine is very rich because you have him on a very good diet, that coupled with low water intake might be the reason for the colour

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Even my terrier after a dig I always have water in a bottle and he drinks from the bottle with the pop up cap, and a bar f chocolate or something sugary to give him straight after, to keep the blood sugar up. Not every mans beliefs but it's what I do

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Chocolatis lethal to dogs and cats. The cocoa in chocolate contains a chemical called Theobromine this is toxic. Chocolate can poison a dog. It can cause many problems and even lead to cardiac arrest. Dark chocolate carries the highest risk.

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