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Evening folks.


As some of you know I've just had a bad experience with a second hand rifle. (Which has now gone back)


I'm thinking of getting a new Tikka T3, in Hunter variant with stainless fluted barrel, .243 cal. Mainly because they get superb reviews and I just like the look of the wood stock with a stainless fluted barrel. BUT........


It doesn't come screw cut.


Question being. ... how important are sound moderators on a cf rifle. The last gun I had 22-250 was still loud as fook with one on. Has the mod any other benefits or would I be fine without one? I'm guessing even with a mod mr Charlie fox is going to hear me shooting a mile off.


With my .22 rf the mod definitely helps with sound especially on the sub sonic ammo. But of course all .243 ammo is breaking the sound barrier I would have thought. ...


Any opinions or advice welcome.



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I suspect your mod you had on the .22-250 was crap or shot out, like the rifle, I have a PES/MAE t12 on my .243 and it is superb, I am quite happy to fire it at night in the field 100 yards or so from the farmhouse on a local permission, it really does make an enormous difference, I would say in this day and age unless you are up in the highlands, or miles from anywhere they are pretty much a must, they reduce recoil,and enable you to see your shots at night (on some calibres) the Tikka is a good choice and I would have thought you could negotiate screwcutting into the deal? But whatever you do, DONT leave the moderator on the rifle after shooting, or you will destroy the crown and barrel, as did the previous owner of your .22-250, the thing with moderators is they dont let the quarry know where the shot came from, I have shot a fox, that was in the field with another, and the second fox actually ran towards me, only to get shot also, I have shot deer stone dead next to their mates, who have just stood looking in my direction, deffo get one mate the report of a .243 is bloody loud, a nice PES, or Wildcat will tame it down nicely.

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Moderators have more uses than simply sound suppression, but be careful of size/weight/balance...and of course cost.


Loads of people shoot without them, but in the UK we tend to quite like them, possibly because we are a small island and commonly have neighbours in fairly close proximity.


You are never going to get a centrefire with HV ammo down to the noise levels of a rimfire with subs, but speaking personally I am happy with the package my mods deliver on all my centrefires.

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Ive just had the barrel on my remi 700 vssf cut down to 18" to make it more manageable in the field (from 25" odd). This took it well into the fluting but was possible and after a bit of extra turning on the lathe it doesn't look too shabby either. If it's a caliber you plan to stick with it's more important it's functional and right for you - there are plenty of people with good looking guns that can't shoot for shit because they're too focused on what they look like to how they fit / feel.


Edited to say mine was cut and threaded specifically with a moderator in mind.

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