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Beagle Spaniels

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Alrite lads been toying with the idear of getting a pair of beagle spanies to replace the old lurcher dog iv got here as his main use is hunting up flushing to standing guns on our vermin control shoots and running in marking for the terriers . And was wandering what peoples experances are with thes little cross bred hounds in regards to working and kennelling them any information and pictures would be appericated thanks ATB RT

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I got one here mate he seriously doesn't stop working feat in cover and gives voice when up close to what ever he's after !! Great with other dogs when out and around the kennels his recall is bang on when hunting and isn't afraid to get stuck in when needs be I really like the cross

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Alot of the covers i work are large on the moors with rock piles crags and the odd earth but its very rare that the brake cover on to the moor and i was hoping a pair of beagle spaniels could would make plenty of noise and pressure pulling him in the old lurcher does it but hes soon to reteire at the end of this season what are they like for marking and giving voice holding a line and so on cheers ATB RT

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Mine lad flys across rock mate cracking feet on him as for voice he doesn't really give a lot on a line only when pretty close but being a cross depends which way they through even though he looks like a beagle he is very much spanielish

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I have a bitch here that I have been running last season and this she never stops and gives good tongue on a line but she will hunt rabbits witch I'm trying to break her from as we hunt fox only but can't complain about her as she has the makings of a decent animal she will mark fox to ground going in and out and digging like mad.The only thing I will say mate is she won't open a quick as my beagle harriers can't hunt a line as well in the open as them. I would say it all depends what u are looking for if u only hunting to guns and want to get plenty of covers done in a day I would say they would be iDeal for u.But if you want long hunts in big covers I would say try a full hound.

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