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Hi i starting up in falconry and i have a mentor with over 40 years experiance but she doesnt keep birds any more, so i am looking for some hands on experiance before taking the leap, any reply would be grateful thank, i amfrom york but willing to travel a bit

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FairPlay to you for asking for a mentor mate, I've just started getting into falconry and lucky for me my mate (mentor) lives only 5 mins from me, he has over 10 years experience with various birds of prey, mainly being Harris hawks, I've been surprised just how much I've learned from him in a short space of time, I hope you find someone local to you because it's a great sport to get into. Good luck

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Cheers mate thankyou very much, i hope so to, ust need some first hand experiance, i had some lined up but got let down big time, arranged a place to meet so got in the car and drove their and he was nowhere to be seen waited an hour and then drove home he didnt even turn up, and he wint answer fone to me so god no's whats up with him lol

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