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Seeing that crown has given me assurance that the crown and rifling on my cz 223 is pukka. Must get different ammo.

Fu*k me I have never seen one as bad, and the rifling is none existent, it must have had a million rounds through it, the gunshop that sold him that is a disgrace and should be named and shamed :hmm:

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Just goes to show alot of them can't be trusted for let alone advice but to sell you something in that order in any other trade or job you'd be firmly up s**t creek.

Makes you think what people really know about there product they're selling, they talk a good talk in these shops but I've found out how full of s**t some of these people are first hand.

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Well folks. UPDATE......


Went to a local shop (Malmo Guns) this morning with the rifle. Think his face said it all when he looked at the crown. .......... anyhow he bore scoped it with the propper kit and the verdict was as suspected. Very bad first inch or so but the breech was corroded and 2 bad patches down the length of the barrel. There words were "if you were trading it in to us we'd have put it in the scrap skip" lol. Anyhow rang the guy where I got it from and at first he wanted to try and make it right, said it could be the mod...... Then told him id been and had it bore scoped and that it was goosed so I wanted my money back. He didn't quibble and offered full refund. Can't say better than that. ... just a shame it wasn't right in the 1st place. 4hr round trip Sat morning :(


On the plus side I can buy from Malmo Guns with confidence, which is probably what I should have done in the 1st place. O well least I have my money back.


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Good result and glad you got your money back. Now you can buy a decent gun and enjoy the shooting you should have been having weeks ago.


I must admit that's the only danger with buying a 2nd hand gun in a hot calibre, crown aside, you really need to scope the rifling.


A friend of mine got very luckly and got a 2nd hand Remington 700 in .22-250 which was genuinely little used and in excellent condition. However, personally I'd always try to buy such a calibre new if possible.

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This is true although it does have its benefits. Originally I got refused a .243 which is what i wanted in the 1st place, unless I had mentoring conditions. Spoke with BASC then Spoke to a different FEO today and he's going to allow me a .243 as a direct swap from the 250. Strange I know but I'm glad I've managed to get it. No mentoring conditions but closed for now. Happy.

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Had the exact same problem with a .223 Contender Barrel. The woodwork and action is immaculate but the crown, (what there was of it) was identical to the photo! Like a mug I sent it away to be re-crowned with another gun shop. It will cost me £55.00 and now I am worried about the bore. The gun shop from which I bought the rifle is very well known and respected. I have always been satisfied with them in the past. It is probably to late, now, but I think I will have to go to them and get the rifle bore checked out, singing " What kind of fool am I"


Glad you got sorted out. plus 1 for Malmo guns.

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