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As I'm sure some of you have already seen my post on the Facebook group but for those who are not part of the said group here goes.


I bought this rifle last Saturday in good faith from a firearms dealer.

Being green to rifles I took his word it was ok. 2nd hand CZ 22-250. I was a little curious about the end of the gun. He said he was 95% confident it would group fine. Anyhow it definitely doesn't group fine. What are you're thoughts and can it be rectified in you're opinions? Many thanks.









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Defo can be rectified. Needs a recrown and thread and re bedding. Probably best part of £200 work minimum. You should take it back mate.


Their doesn't seem to be any rifling either that is the biggest problem with second hand .22-250 rifles. You can clearly see the rifling on my new .22-250 matey. Have the rfd sort it or change it.

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That has defiantly seen better days ! Always take your mod off at the end of the night. The last time I had a re crown was £45 so not the end of the world but bet your bottom dollar it's never been cleaned either. Never had to have one re bedded but it certainly shouldn't be touching

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What a wan*er selling you that, the moderator has been left on and has destroyed the crown, dont stand any nonsense, take it back and get a refund, if he quibbles, threaten him with trading standards, small claims court, etc, that is a disgrace, then go and buy a decent rifle from a proper gunshop, if you want to drive to South Yorks, I will come with you and find you a decent rifle locally :thumbs:

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