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Hancock Collie X

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you cant beat seeing generaitions of workers

easy to train , bred of dogs that graft , not just any old greyhound or collie , as traits come through poor greyhounds poor collies nervous , nobody buys of untried stock if there serous about hunting ,wether spaniels terriers coursing dogs , its hard enough getting the right pups without the chance of non working parents , hancock is a pet breeder with a bit working , remember this most dogs with half greyhound are fast enough weather collie terrier beagle whatever , its when you want the good traits kept close that you breed worker to worker ,most people anything that looks like a lurcher will do but to others thats no good





Both me and Whin have run more than one Hancock dog, and we`re pretty serious about the game. They did, and do the jobs we want them to, and whilst not world beaters, they are better than some of the utter shite,, I have seen from "working" stock.


As I have said. If I thought anyone had good quality working collie xs I would have went there, but there isn`t so I didn`t.


Given that the studs are used numbers of times, traits like the ones you mention should not be evident, and any breeder would not repeat a problem linage surely.


I understand what you are saying, but it`s not as black and white as all that.


My Spaniel was just off a farm breeding. nothing fancy, and he has been the hardest working dog I`ve ever had. Lives for putting birds in the air, which is the job I got him for.


I bought another cocker from working stock, the f***ing,, dog was autistic. Luckily that entire litter died before reaching 5 yrs old and none were bred from.

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Ever notice, the best times were when we were young naive and innocent and not corrupted by lines this lines that, that's why they were so good because there was no bullshit, just young lads out hun

you cant beat seeing generaitions of workers easy to train , bred of dogs that graft , not just any old greyhound or collie , as traits come through poor greyhounds poor collies nervous , nobody buys

Paid £150 for mine 3 or so years ago, cause he`s black,, innit !   At the end of the day. Sally is a breeder, and a breeder charging £300 for healthy pups of a specified mix to your demands, is har

you musnt have seen many home bred working lurchers as theyll be a lot keener and fetch better than any your jonny hanckocks mate,hancocks are for the pet industry and people who go out the odd occasion ,i to was blinded as a youngster with hanckock , wasnt till i went to the old lurcher feildtrails i saw better rabbiting dogs etc , and met keen rabbiting coursing enthusaists ,that you get a chance to see a better grade of animal , most dog men had a hancock type as they spewd lies that feuled the fire,but you move on . a trial spaniel is diffrent from a working spaniel some are headcases

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no but i no my dogs and have known m for twenty odd years been out several times with him and had some good hunts and plenty of laughs ,he was the first guy i met out with saluk types we all had collie types , i saw him slip a dog he had called sol a big brown and white dog on qaurry 200yards away couldnt believe he caut it , he says to me you can keep it but you can carry it ,some dog,

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over the last 2 years i've seen plenty of dogs from good working lines binned. way too much expected from dogs that have had no input from the owner. give a good dog man a hancock dog and it'll run rings round any dog from working lines owned by a numpty

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every owner of a lurchers expects different things,your normal run of the mill owner ,thinks a lurcher should kill everything in its path.even a vet I spoke with the other day.when you tell them its meant to retrieve,have excellent recall,track,leave stock,feather alone,mark,draw,etc etc etc,you get ablank look.if you put in the time and effort most dogs should come good............it wont learn nout sat in the kennel

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