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Best Of Luck This Season Lads

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not long now dogs taking a bit of shape

Looking well cropper,herbie full of milk and the fens flyer has a back on like serena williams

Speaks the man thats scared of the ferry


Dogs in top order pal they look ready to rock n roll not be long now ;)


was good to see you other night pal. hope it inspierys you to get out more :laugh::thumbs:
Wished I could have stayed longer but I was the only man in the place not drinking felt like a div..I'll be out but just when the wife lets is..soon as the rains here I'm out
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His gracilis muscle has come away from his tendon..freak accident really he was just charging about in the field at the side of my house and went lame ..took him up to

stevie duncans and that's that really ..its high risk if I run him because his tendon could just snap.this happened early august ,,hes not lame anymore and looking fit and well but his chasing big bunnies days are over.cant winge really ive had my fun with him.just one of those things.the problem I now have is im doggless ..got a pup coming in 3 or 4 weeks but obviously that's to bring on for next year..i got a few offers to run dogs on but we will see.i will be going down the road anyway ..I will just have bunny carrier for this year.lolol

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