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On 03/02/2021 at 13:59, jpt said:

Hows the pups doing?

All gone to their new homes.

two gone to mates where they’ll get a good working home.

one to family friend as a pet.

kept the small ugly one .... she’s grand mate ,

thanks for asking.

ATB ... Tony

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some border lakeland types with varying degrees of border blood all related

He’s got a bit of border in him I think,farm bred Wales,just knock about with me and do as they please?

Took pup for a pint  nearly five month , and already needs to be  on a lead round holes... very forward bitch pain in the arse but clever 

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Had one about 27years ago, got her from a man in Langley Park Co.Durham seen both parents sire was a Border and bitch was a Lakeland. She was the best working dog I have ever owned in 46 years fantastic nose find anything anywhere from a mouse to a deer, work above and below ground, scared of nothing and had a good wire coat the only downside was she was a little on the large side. Sadly missed but never forgotten. Great cross sadly not seen to often nowadays ?

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Kennel blindness breed blindness and of coarse the ego massage has certainly changed the outlook of many terrier enthusiasts, I had a border lake land a real beauty not to the eye, oh no cock eared ugly little bitch but worth her weight in gold and the prettiest thing a keen young want to be a digger had ever seen. Now there's lads digging week in week out ridiculed because it's not the in fad lines he's digging to but he's digging more than most, and there's plenty of lads like that, and I tell you now when that super bred dog enters and gets a result and back slapping is going on all around, that lad with his non descriptor terriers scratches his head and looks at his own dogs that turn out that same result week in week out but without the fanfare and the adulation, just a good praise for the dog (privately) and back home to a warm kennel a good feed and a lad happy job done. 

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